Lucy's Story

Find out the underlying cause of her dog reactivity

Billy E's Story


Sally's Story

Rescue dog with severe stress related reactivity & hyperactivity

Bruno's Story

Excessive barking after moving house

Sadie's Story

Unresolved skin issues and depressive behaviour

Trigger's Story

Stiffness in back legs and struggling to jump into car

Lola's Story

Recurrent anal gland issues & stiffness in hind limbs

Danny's Story

Severe dislike of a particular person

Missy's Story

Anxious, fearful and refusal to eat

Megan's Story

Reactivity towards dogs

Hector and Tegan's Story

Anxiety and hyper activity

Arthur's Story

Aggression towards family member

Sky's Story

Suffers with anxiety

Milly C's Story

Refusal to go out for a walk

Bob's Story

Reacts to strangers


Archie's Story

Excessive barking

Ollie and Freddie's Story

Interpack fighting and separation anxiety

Ricky's Story

Severe separation anxiety

Prickly's Story

Unable to use one of his hind legs

Ben's Story

Pulling on lead and fear/phobia behaviour problem

Toby's Story

Separation anxiety with excessive drooling

Archie's Story

Arthritic, gaining weight & irritable with other dogs

Oscar's Story

Excessive barking and no formal house training


Bruno's Story

Lunging and barking at other dogs when on lead

Molly's Story

Excessive howling and over-attachment to owner

Roxy's Story

Aggressive towards other dogs after being attacked & barked and lunged at lorries, buses, skateboards etc

Tilly's Story

Grieving for lost companions, age related aches and pains, fear of gunfire

Jack's Story

Unprovoked agressive outbursts

Sammy's Story

Recall problems

Ben's Story

Anxiety after loss of canine companion

Buzz's Story

Not able to raise all of his spines

Ariel's Story

Fearful of new people and dogs

Stanley's Story

Autoimmune disease

Flukie's Story

Reactive on walks and hard to control

Buffy's Story

Poorly socialised and reactive to dogs

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive"
Gilda Radner
Comedian and Actress