Growing up with a collection of wild and domestic animals on my parents’ farm, I have always enjoyed caring for and spending time with them, with a particular affinity with dogs.

I chose my career path in canine behaviour, as like most of my clients, our family experienced a problem with one of our dogs and found getting help that was effective, kind and gave lasting results quite challenging, so I left my job and started studying the fascinating world of canine behaviour.

I began using behavioural training techniques, but felt one of my own dogs needed something else, as I always felt she suffered with muscular issues and neck ache. My quest to find a therapy that could help her led me to Galen Myotherapy and Julia Robertson. I learnt so much valuable information and quickly realised that Myotherapy would be something that could be hugely beneficial to many dogs.

Sadly my quest to qualify in this therapy in order to help my own dear dog was cut short, with her untimely death at the age of just seven. After my initial grieving period, I knew I owed it to her to carry on and help other dogs, so I continued with my studies and became a qualified Myotherapist in 2014.

I had also heard of a therapy using essential oils to help animals heal from emotional, as well as physical issues called Zoopharmacognosy. I investigated further and started studying Applied Herbal Choices with Jo Rose, holistic therapist and Zoopharmacognosist. The training was mind blowing and reaffirmed to me that a holistic approach to behaviour can be so enriching for dogs and their families. Upon meeting Jo, it was very clear I could learn lots of new exciting things and as well as qualifying in Applied Herbal Choices in 2016, I also studied Acupressure and LED Light therapy'.

I now combine all of my experience and therapies to find the best methods to help dogs overcome their behavioural issues. I have complete empathy with owners that are struggling with their dog’s behaviour and my passion is to help them understand their dog, find solutions to the issues they face and bring balance and harmony to everyone’s lives.

The process begins by taking a detailed history of your dog, enabling me to understand potential route causes behind a behaviour. I will then work with you to help you understand the behaviour/s your dog is presenting to you, implement methods to improve on these and relieve any emotional or physical issues that could be underlying and exacerbating the problem.

Once we start working together and behavioural rehabilitation begins in your home, the advice given often requires a regular investment of time and effort between you and your dog to achieve the most successful outcome for everyone involved, so please call me if you would like to chat about your dog.

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This website is dedicated to Bella Butler

"If only I knew then what I know now"
Ali Butler
Canine Therapist and Behavioural Advisor